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California Minority Alliance (CMA) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide education, economic opportunities, and awareness that will guide minority individual’s and group entrepreneurial business avenues to participate in the cannabis medical and emerging adult use industries. CMA’s principal interest is safeguarding the advancement of the “California cannabis minority” (defined in terms of both small-market size and diversity of ethnic, gender and socio-economic levels); building bridges for a fair playing field of opportunity for all.



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At the core of CMA’s mission is to advance fair and inclusive equity for minorities through knowledge, advocacy and civic participation among our communities of color.

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We Move Communities into Action

CMA made history when we rallied the cannabis industry to spearhead the City of Los Angeles municipal initiative, Proposition M. On March 7, 2017, through CMA backed efforts, voters approved Proposition M with 80.45% in favor of the new measure that would give the Los Angeles Mayor and the City Council comprehensive oversight of commercial cannabis.

We Help Shape Equitable Change through Grassroots Advocacy

CMA has helped to change the political landscape by working directly with city and state officials to create commonsense regulatory reform. CMA galvanizes its membership for action, fostering full engagement through advocacy to provide a more influential voice for the community in the electoral and legislative process.

We Inform, Educate and Inspire to Increase Opportunities

CMA has taken on the mantle of providing awareness and education to increase economic opportunities in target industry areas that will empower productive minority participation.Through mentoring, research, educational seminars, business training and information on potential partnerships and investor capital, CMA hopes to provide minorities with the equitable resources they need to succeed in new growth industries.

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