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The California Minority Alliance (CMA) is a non-profit trade organization in the cannabis industry. Founded by Donnie Anderson and Virgil Grant in 2016, CMA has taken on the mantle of providing education, economic opportunities, and awareness that will support minority participation in the medical cannabis and emerging adult use industries.

CMA made history when they rallied the cannabis industry to spearhead Proposition M. On March 7, 2017, voters approved Proposition M with 79.4% in favor of the new measure that would give the Los Angeles Mayor and the City Council comprehensive oversight of commercial cannabis.

After years of convoluted regulations and an often antagonistic relationship between the cannabis industry and the City of Los Angeles, CMA has helped to change the political landscape by working directly with city and state officials to create commonsense regulatory reform.

At the core of CMA’s mission is social equity for people of color, correcting the years of unfair incarceration. For nearly 50 years, the federal War on Drugs policy targeted minority communities. While minorities endured unfair arrests throughout the country, the African -American community suffered the greatest loss due to mass incarceration after decades of biased law enforcement.

To counter the racist laws, CMA will work to ensure that minorities who were overwhelmingly imprisoned at a higher rate will not be excluded from the potentially lucrative profits accompanying the commercialization of cannabis.

Through mentoring, educational seminars, business training and information on potential partnerships and investor capital, CMA hopes to provide minorities with the resources they need to

succeed in this new industry.

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