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L.A. Council President Calls for Creation of Municipal Bank for Pot Businesses to Use

August 1, 2017

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California Minority Alliance is continuing to fight for Minorities Right in the Cannabis Industry

June 7, 2017


Southern California Coalition, the largest, most inclusive cannabis industry trade organization located in the world’s largest cannabis marketplace, SoCal, helped create Proposition M with the City of Los Angeles, its communities, and your help.  


On Friday, May 19th, we headed down to the Los Angeles City Council meeting to urge council members to implement a "notice of intent to register" list for those seeking licensure in Los Angeles while Proposition M is being fully implemented.  We did this for two reasons: 


1.) there is a ten year history of enforcement against those seeking licensure which has caused many legitimate businesses to be raided and closed during periods of City of Los Angeles policy shifts even though they were already compliant with ordinances the City subsequently passed; and 


2.) it would appear that those hostile to cannabis have historically used the “gap” period during which the City of Los Angeles was working on, but had not passed ordinances, to raid indiscriminately or, in more recent times, engage in selective or targeted enforcement.  


By establishing a notice of intent to register list, the City of Los Angeles gains invaluable information on how many would seek licensure, but far more importantly, how many licensees are committed to best practices and a working partnership with the City of Los Angeles. 


Check out some recent articles on our activities this week:


LA Daily News: Pot businesses urge LA City Council to curb harassment of those caught in enforcement ‘limbo’


LA Weekly: Rogue Marijuana Dispensaries Cause Conflict With Legit Pot Shops


As we continue to push policies forward to protect you, the cannabis industry and its patients, we encourage you to ask what other trade groups, who are asking for your donations and participation, are truly doing to help protect your interests?


Join Southern California Coalition today and help us ensure that comprehensive cannabis policies are implemented in an inclusive and responsible way in the world’s largest cannabis market, Southern California.    

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